"Since I began training with Mary Ann, I have lost close to 25 pounds and I feel great. Using not only exercise but a nutrition plan as well, she guided me to safely reach my goals and kept me motivated along the way. I am impressed with her overall knowledge of all things fitness related and her patience and enthusiasm for helping others get fit. With her encouragement, I even ran a 5K and came in first place in my age group. That is something this fifty-something couch potato never thought she would do, or be able to do. But thanks to Mary Ann, I did it. She is the best! I could not recommend her more highly.
Cindy N.

"Mary Ann rakes a holistic approach to training by integrating yoga, exercise routines, nutritional advice and motivational coaching. She has taught me how to set fitness goals and how to keep striving to attain them."
Elizabeth H.

I had a surgery that left my balance off. I heard many good things about Mary Ann at Strength Balance and Yoga Studio. I started going to her twice a week to help with my balance problem. She worked very closely with me to help me gain my balance back. My job requires me to work 60 plus hours a week mostly behind a desk. Even though I put in a lot of hours I'm not getting the workout I need. I have worked with Mary Ann for 12 years. With all of her continuing education seminars she has attended she was able to keep me mobile and more flexible. I am enjoying my health thanks to her and money can't buy that!
Larry P.

"SBY is by far my favorite place to get my fitness on! Mary Ann has such an amazing, vivacious personality along with her endless list of certifications and qualifications. Mary Ann has motivated me to begin training for a 5k, and continues to encourage my every fitness need. She has gotten me to enjoy fitness again (which is major). Since I tend to have some health issues Mary Ann goes above and beyond to accommodate and modify workouts to fit my abilities. Herself and the other SBY staff work so hard to offer diversity in their classes. I know no matter what class I attend I am sure to get a tough/wonderful workout. I recommend SBY and Mary Ann to anyone beginning their journey to a healthier lifestyle!"
Bethany B.

"SBY has been my source of motivation to take charge and pursue fitness goals. Mary Ann encouraged me during my initial and exhausting attempts toward exercising on a regular basis. She was always cheerful and glad to see me returning for more sessions and noted my areas of improvement. It didn't matter that I was out of step sometimes; it mattered that I was taking the steps. Mary Ann motivated me to pursue a higher level of classes by saying that "I graduated" from the current level. It felt so good to know with her certifications and experience she knew I was improving and reaching my goals. Four years of group instructions have been rewarding to me.
All of her staff are equally qualified and professional. The mix of classes offered at SBY keeps me injury free and excited to try new exercises"
Deb F.