January 2020 New Classes in our SBY Studio!

New Sunday Classes!

SUNDAY 3pm-4pm AERIAL FLOW - 30 min high hammock followed by 30 min low hammock.

Our newest class...experience 30 min in high hammock-You'll be seated, standing, floating and inverted --then switch to low hammock 12 inches from the floor and we begin a slower restorative flow with wonderful stretches and relaxation to restore you for the new week ahead! (Please reserve your place on our mind body app or our web)

SUNDAY 4:30pm- 5:30pm RESTORATIVE YOGA - 60 min detox

Rest in supported postures using props-bolsters, blankets, sandbags, eye pillows and soft blocks. Poses are held for 12 to 15 minutes- focus is on connective tissue, fascia, joints and relaxing the nervous system.

All done on the floor It’s warm, quiet, calm & dark leave restored and rested! Come DETOX with this class - it is amazing! (Please reserve your place on our mind body app or our web)

Aerial Yoga High Hammock
Sun 3pm - 30 minutes

Aerial Yoga Low Hammock
Sun 3pm - 30 minutes

Restorative Yoga
Fri 530pm & Sun 4:30pm

Tuesday 5:30 pm class NOW changes to STRENGTH 101

Push, progress and strengthen in this new added evening class. Engaging exercises focus on all three planes of motion. Strong bones – strong body from top to bottom. Achieve the results you desire.

SPECIAL WORKSHOP-more info to follow in Jan.


SAT JAN 11 10:30am-11:30am

ASSESSMENT TESTING WITH Nancy Naternicola - 60 min


What is a Fitness Assessment?

Finding out according to your age where you stand in accordance with the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine in regard to all fitness components.

Why should EVERYONE (male & female) complete a Fitness Assessment?

A fitness assessment brings important information you need on the road to a fit lifestyle. Find out your strong areas (that need maintained) and your weak areas (that need improved). Without this information you may be on the wrong road!

It also provides a BASELINE to see improvements in the future.

What is involved in the Fitness Assessment?

*All test result information is personal - only YOU know the results

3 clearing screens for the neck, shoulder, and low back. (If an issue is found, that part of the body will not be assessed)
3 minute step test - based on your recovery heart rate
Flexibility test for all major joints of the body
Balance test
Muscular strength and endurance tests on upper body, lower body, and core.

(Please register on our web or the mind body app for this workshop)

SAT. CLASSES in JAN. for the STUDIO free with monthly memberships

Sat Jan 4 YIN YOGA with Elvira
Sat Jan 11 YOGA on the STEP with Nancy
Sat Jan 18 ZUMBA Dance with Cynthia
Sat Jan 25 YOGA FLOW with Tammy

HOLIDAY Reminder:

Tues Dec 31 9am STRENGTH 101 class with Nancy
Wed Jan 1st 9am BASIC YOGA with Mary Ann
5pm CARDIO & STRENGTH with Mary Ann

Fitness Trivia