Maggie Clarkson

I began my yoga journey during college in 2013. I instantly fell in love and was amazed at what my body could do. I used yoga to stay fit and cope with stress. I decided in 2016 to obtain my yoga teacher training so that I could share the benefits of yoga with those around me. During my yoga teacher training, I learned so much about myself and how yoga could benefit my life even more than it already had. Diving deeper into the foundations of yoga solidified my passion for it.

Since beginning a regular yoga practice, I have started incorporating other styles of exercise. Mainly, strength training through weight lifting. I love it, but would not be as successful without yoga. Incorporating yoga into your exercise routine helps to protect your joints and keep you stretched out, which is essential in any fitness routine.

I have my bachelors in English and religious studies, and my masters in secondary education. I teach 7th grade English at South Middle School in Morgantown. I’m married to Mac Clarkson. We currently live in Morgantown

I see yoga as a benefit for any aspect of life, whether it be to gain mental and physical flexibility and strength or whether it be to aid in your current fitness routine. Join me for class, and I hope you’ll see the same!