Laura Cava

I came to yoga after a wrist surgery (unrelated to yoga),10 years ago. I had been teaching group fitness classes for 20 years when I injured my wrist(injury also unrelated to group fitness classes).After my surgery, my doctor informed me I was not to teach any cardio classes in the foreseeable future(8 weeks minimum),BUT....suggested a gentle yoga class would be an excellent alternative to strengthen my wrist. At the time ,there was nothing I would least rather do than lay on the floor in Corpse Pose burning zero calories in a 60 minute yoga class! I must add that I had never actually TAKEN a yoga class, it was just my uninformed opinion.

The following day, I decided to try MaryAnn’s gentle yoga class at SBY .To say that I LOVED her class was an understatement, and to say I was “blissfully” sore, is no exaggeration, but to say I was coming back the following day, was already WRITTEN IN STONE! So,I showed up the very next day,20 minutes early,on my mat in my spot, ready to salute the sun. I then showed up the following day, and the day after that, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next. There was one thing I knew for certain.. I wanted to teach yoga!!

I received my BSN from Alderson Broaddus College in Philippi,WV and worked for Grafton City Hospital, WVU Potomac State Health Center ,and the Potomac Valley Hospital. My nursing background has also steered me in the direction of my gentle practice as I see the significance, esp as we age,for a strong, yet gentle practice.

I began my teaching journey w Yogafit Training Systems and received a solid foundation. I then decided to deepen my practice ,and embarked on the yogic journey w Heidi from BLISS.. I will forever be grateful for her mentorship throughout the training. I received my 200 hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and am a member of Yoga Alliance.

I primarily teach a gentle yoga and slow flow class. I have worked with student athletes, pre and postnatal mama’s,clients with Seasonal Affect Disorder,patients recovering from addictions,to the students who just wants more positivity and balance in their life. And then I have the students who come to yoga to work on their strength, flexibility and pranayama.i always stress, NO COMPETITION, NO JUDGEMENT, ever..

I feel Yoga can be practiced throughout one’s lifetime..through all ages and all stages of life. I hope to become a mindful and gentle guide in your yoga journey, but the journey belongs to the student.

By allowing ourselves to save space on our mats, we are saving space for others. By gently connecting with the physical self and by being present with the breath,we are granting ourself the best gift-the gift of peace. That peace, that cup, is then shared with our family and friends. We cannot contribute from an empty cup..

I live in Bridgeport WV with my husband, Jim..We have 4 children..Three of our boys live in WV, and our daughter and son in law live in Kentucky with our beautiful Ophelia and Phoebe.