SBY Class Descriptions

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Mon- Wed 9am & Thur 5:30pm GENTLE/BASIC YOGA

For beginners and people who need to slow down the pace. Teachers give clear instructions on proper alignment in foundational postures. Experience and practice a variety of basic yoga poses.

Tues & Fri 9am STRENGTH 101

Push, progress and strengthen in this morning class. Engaging exercises focus on all three planes of motion. Strong bones – strong body from top to bottom. Achieve the results you desire.


All levels All ages Come experience a variety of aerial poses in the hammock. Invert and create space in the spine. A combination of Aerial Arts and Yoga. Build core and total body strength, gain confidence as you learn about aerial yoga. NEW unique and oh so much fun!!

Mon & Wed 5pm Cardio + Strength

Cynthia teaches Monday with REFIT dance + Strength. Tammy teaches our Wed with a STRENGTH + YOGA STRETCH .

Mon 6:15pm"YOGA FLOW"

This class is best suited for those who are familiar with basic yoga asanas and are looking to advance to the next level. At a moderate pace you will increase stamina, strength and flexibility.


Rest in supported postures using props-bolsters, blankets, and blocks. Poses are held for 3 to 5 min focus is on connective tissue, fascia, joints and relaxing the nervous system.


Lots of variety with tons of motivation--come rock with us - start the weekend off right. Free with monthly membership.

Private One on One

Finally, the perfect program for you. We focus on your individual goals, needs and concerns. Any of the above classes can be offered with your own choice of time. Certified 200 RYT, ACE, NASM Personal Trainer & studio owner Mary Ann.


This private session gives the benefit of massage, yoga, and energy work in one nurturing body treatment. On a soft floor mat while fully clothed, receive passive stretching and joint movement. Call MAnn