Welcome Fall!

The autumnal equinox now means that our nights are longer than our days!

Look inwards to rediscover the clarity and wisdom that exists within.

We are bringing back RESTORATIVE YOGA on Friday's at 5:30pm

We will rest in supported postures using props, bolsters, blankets and blocks.

All done laying on the mat- no standing poses. Holding these postures from 5 to 8 minutes..... it is a slow wonderful time to allow connective tissue, fascia, & joints to relax and also to calm the nervous system!

Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Enhances flexibility
Deeply relaxes the body
Stills the mind
Balances the nervous system
Boosts the immune system
Enhances mood
Reduces anxiety
Improves Sleep

Come give it a try--taught by Elvira and Mary Ann


SBY is celebrating 12 years!!

It started like this.....Mary Ann & Mark working long into the night.

The studio vision is to provide clients with education, motivation, guidance and cutting edge fitness & yoga classes.

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Sat. Classes in October (free with monthly membership)
Oct 5 NANCY --20 20 20 Oct 12 TAMMY -- Yoga

Oct 19 NANCY -Step & Sculpt Oct 26 MAGGIE --Yoga Core


Mon Oct 28

Tues Oct 29

Wed Oct 30

Prizes if you do!!!

See you in class!

Reminder - we will do any class private for your group of 4 or more just contact us at 304 641 6827!

Visit our studio so that you can LIVE LONG LIVE STRONG!

Mary Ann

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