Happy 12th Birthday SBY

Fun night to celebrate

Fitness friendships are the BEST!

Every Friday 5:30 Restorative Yoga Practice

In a work obsessed country like the US, rest is no longer valued --it used to be part of daily life.

People had downtime, they took naps. The Sabbath was a day of rest. They sat on the porch. We don't have those rhythms anymore-- NOW we need to create them.

Benefits include-lower blood pressure, decreased migraines, enhanced well-being, relaxation for improved sleep, let go of tension, stress, fear.

Come experience the SBY Restorative class.

Saturday is FREE with Monthly Memberships....

Sat Nov 2 Nancy 20-20-20
Sat Nov 9 Nancy Double Step
Sat Nov 16 Tammy Yoga & Strength
Sat Nov 23 Cynthia REFIT Dance- Turkey Burn #1
Sat Nov 30 Mary Ann Boxing -Turkey Burn #2

Yes we are open Nov 11th

9am Yoga with Karen 5pm REFIT Dance with Cynthia 6:15 Yoga Flow with Maggie

Using the MindBody app is easy you can book and reserve your classes and even charge online! When you travel the local studio schedules will be listed. Ask us about it!

See you in class!

Reminder - we will do any class private for your group of 4 or more just contact us at 304 641 6827!

Visit our studio so that you can LIVE LONG LIVE STRONG!

Mary Ann

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