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5 Yoga Poses Every Athlete Should Be Doing

Yoga is great for improving flexibility, but it also builds a strong and calm mind. For these reasons, it’s no surprise that athletes are increasingly turning to yoga to round out their training. Here are five poses for any athlete who wants to improve flexibility, core strength and mental focus.

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Creative Ways to Organize Sets

Just because a workout feels challenging doesn’t mean that it will create the mechanical or metabolic overhead necessary to produce desired results. ACE Pro Pete McCall describes several different ways to organize the sets of a program, along with the outcomes each method can be expected to produce.

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How to Improve Grip Strength

Whether a movement involves lifting, carrying, throwing or swinging, the hands are the first point of contact with any object, and it’s often the grip that fails first. Adding just two exercises from this list of eight to you or your clients’ workouts will help develop strong hands with a crushing grip.

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Dietary Supplements and Clients

Dietary supplement use is widespread among the general population, as is confusion about the efficacy of these products. The next time one of your clients asks about a pill, potion or powder, use this three-step model to quash misconceptions and help your clients become informed consumers.

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5 Cognitive Awareness Drills

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