Sunday's in January 2-2:45pm Creative Aerial Fun

All levels, all ages.

Come experience a variety of aerial poses in the hammock. Now on Sunday in addition to our regular Tues 5:30pm class.

Invert and create space in the spine. Build core and total body strength, gain confidence as you learn new skills. UNIQUE and so much fun.

You may even leave taller!

Announcing-SO NEW!!! SUNDAY'S 3-3:45pm "Low Swing" Aerial

Explore traditional yoga supported with a soft fabric hammock just 12 inches from the ground.

This will expand your practice, create space in the body, increase flexibility, release tension, sooth the soul.

So NEW!! You've gotta try it! Low back pain? Find sweet relief here!

Friday Night Special Winter Restorative Yoga 5:30-6:30

Restorative Yoga is about learning how to REST.

The body is placed in supported postures using props-bolsters, blankets, sand bags & soft blocks.

Enhance the healing benefits of "active relaxation" Heart rate slows, blood pressure lowers, less mind chatter, nervous system is soothed. We've purchased new bolsters for this.

Our Friday Night Winter Special .

Try something new to compliment your current routine.

Bring your children ages 8 and over do really well.

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every Monday 5pm with REFIT certified instructor Cynthia Campbell

1-change your body
2-change your mind
3-change your life


SAT Jan 19th 10:30am-12:00pm

Everything you need to know to use your foam roller at home...useful handouts and instructions from certified foam roller pro Cynthia Campbell Bring your own or learn with ours
Register online HERE!

Visit our studio so that you can LIVE LONG LIVE STRONG!

Mary Ann

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