Date: 01.08.2015

A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga: 5 Widely Practiced Poses

Looking to get started with a physical yoga practice? This handy guide breaks down five of the most widely practiced poses—also known as asanas—familiarizing you with both the English and Sanskrit names, as well as giving you step-by-step instructions on how to find alignment with each posture as you journey through your personal practice.

Pose: Child’s pose

Sanskrit name: Balasana

Child's pose

Introductory how-to: Begin in a hands-and-knees position with wrists below the shoulders and knees below the hips. As you inhale, part the knees out slightly wider toward the edges of your mat, connecting your big toes to touch. As you exhale, release the torso between the thighs, sitting the hips back toward the heels, continuing to outstretch the arms toward the top edge of your mat. If accessible, rest your forehead on the floor while keeping a neutral spine. Maintain this position, breathing comfortably for three to five complete breath cycles. 

Pose: Downward facing dog

Sanskrit name: Adho mukha svanasana

Downward Dog

Introductory how-to: Begin in a hands-and-knees position with the knees directly below the hips and the hands positioned slightly forward of the shoulders. As you inhale, spread the fingers wide, rooting both palms firmly into the mat while simultaneously tucking the toes under. As you exhale, begin to extend the legs, drawing the hips and tailbone toward the ceiling, creating an inverted V-shape with the body as the heels move toward the floor. The head and neck should be positioned between the upper arms and the feet should remain hip-width distance apart. Focus on maintaining length in the spine in this pose, releasing the shoulders away from the ears and keeping the knees as softly or deeply bent as needed, while continuing to root firmly and equally through both hands and feet. Maintain this position, breathing comfortably for three to five complete breath cycles. 

Pose: Upward facing dog

Sanskrit name: Urdhva mukha svansana

Upward Facing Dog

Introductory how-to: Lie on your stomach with legs fully extended along the mat, with the tops of your feet on the floor. Place the palms on the floor directly below your shoulders, keeping the elbows bent. As you inhale, press your palms into the mat, extending the arms while simultaneously lifting the torso and thighs off the floor. Allow the hips to soften slightly toward the mat while at the same time lifting through the sternum; soften the shoulders away from the ears and maintain neutral alignment in the neck. If accessible, look upward only with the eyes. Maintain this position, breathing comfortably for three to five complete breath cycles. 

Pose: Warrior II

Sanskrit name: Virabhadrasana II

Warrior II

Introductory how-to: Begin standing with feet together near the front edge of your mat. As you exhale, step the left foot back approximately 3 to 4 feet, turning the left foot out at slightly less than 90 degrees so that the left toes and torso face the left edge of the mat, with the right toes pointed forward to the front edge of the mat. The heel of the right foot should now align with the arch of the back left foot. Slowly begin to bend the right knee, aligning the right knee with the second toe of the right foot, as the thigh draws parallel with the floor. Continuing to root firmly into the mat with both feet, outstretch the arms to reach in opposition toward the front and back edges of the mat with palms facing the floor. Keep the shoulders stacked over the hips as you gently turn your head toward the front edge of your mat, gazing softly over the right fingertips. Maintain this position, breathing comfortably for three to five complete breath cycles. Return to the starting position near the top of your mat, and repeat on the opposite side. 

Pose: Tree pose

Sanskrit name: Vrksasana

Tree pose

Introductory how-to: Stand with feet together near the front edge of your mat, with the hands lightly positioned on the hips. Slowly shift your weight into the right foot, rooting down firmly as you peel the left heel off the mat, opening the left knee toward the left edge of the mat, with toes remaining on floor. With control, draw the sole of the left foot to gently rest against the inside portion of the right lower leg, with toes pointing toward the floor as you balance fully on the right leg. Avoid pushing the right hip toward the right edge of the mat; instead, keep the center of the pelvis directly over the right foot. If accessible, join palms together in front of your chest or outstretch your arms overhead, with your wrists aligned above the shoulders. Maintain this position, softly gazing at a fixed point in the room as you breathe comfortably for three to five complete breath cycles. Release the left foot to your mat, returning to the starting position briefly before repeating on the opposite side. 

Date: 01.08.2015

Visiting Instructor -- ALEX FOLIO


We welcome Alex to our studio while he is here visiting.
He is a WVU grad with Public Relations degree
100 hour training with Baron Baptiste in Kalani Retreat Hawaii 2/14
Second 100 hour training with Baron Baptist in Provo, Utah in 4/14
200 hour RYT in Houston Texas a Baron Baptiste Certified Studio Summer 2014
SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga certified August 2014
Teaching for one year competitive swimmer and avid runner.
Taught at Morgantown Power Yoga and Happy Belly Studios and Big Yoga in Houston Texas
Pleased to have his presence at SBY. Be sure to check schedule and attend his classes while he is in town.


Date: 12.1.2014

Zumba in Punta Cana


November 2014 Mary Ann taught Zumba twice daily for a week in Punta Cana at the NOW resort. She became the fit pro at the resort through the agency FitBodies Inc. She says that teaching international students was a highlight of the trip. Clients were from the Dominican, France, London, Canada and Germany. It was a pleasure to represent the United States as Fit Pro for the week.


Date: 9.1.2014



If you are new to fitness you have come to the right place....our classes are small and we cater to your special needs. Usually a call to Mary Ann will solve your fears. Why not set up a private or two until you feel comfortable with the programs. We recommend starting with Gentle or Basic Yoga or the 20,20,20 class. Remember we are private personal training- unique workouts for unique clients!
Waiting for your call today---304 641 6827!


Date: 4.9.2014



"Certified Level 2 in Yogafit we welcome 3 new instructors to our team of yoga professionals. Certified March 2014 in Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to check the web and drop in on one of their classes."


Date: 4.3.2014



FitBodies Inc. placed Mary Ann in Secrets Capri Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico during the week of March 16. Mary Ann was the resort guest yoga instructor. Daily from 9:30-10:30am classes were offered ocean front. Students ranged in ages and abilities and had traveled from France, Canada, London and the USA. Gina assisted and it was a fabulous week. SBY cards were distributed.


Date: 2.16.2014

Yoga at SBY studio


We invite you to enjoy the many benefits of yoga in our studio. It is for all ages and all levels. Come practice with us! May you find peace and love and may all beings find peace and love!"


Date: 10.2.2012



People think that yoga is stretching. Yoga is not stretching--it is aligning, strengthening and conditioning the mind and's teaching your body how to move properly. Everyone needs yoga!

We are very pleased in our SBY studio to have 4 excellent Yoga teachers.
Tammy has just completed her 200 hour training and is RYT-her class is Mon at 6:15pm Vinyasa Flow
Mary Ann is now in training for her 200 hour, also Yogafit level 1 2 &3-her class Thurs 6:15 Basic Yoga
Amanda is Yogafit level 1-her class Wed 6:15pm YogaFlow
Laura R.N. is Yogafit level 1-her class Wed 10am Gentle Yoga


Date: 1.6.2012

Renzelli Published in IDEA Magazine


The January issue of IDEA/ACE Fitness Journal has published the outstanding work of Mary Ann Renzelli, M.A. Edu. IDEA is an international magazine for fitness professionals. The client success story describes Joe and Nola Tarantino involved in fitness training with MaryAnn. The article is titled "Understanding the Senior Client-Carefully selected equipment and exercises help senior clients thrive."

View the article Here


Date: 03.16.2011

"Yoga Training With Rodney Yee"


March 11-13, 2011 Rodney Yee and his wife Colleen Saidman presented a weekend workshop for Yoga training. It was titled "Breath, Bandhas, and Beyond" It was held in Kripalu center for yoga and health in Lenox, Mass. Strength Balance & Yoga owner Mary Ann Renzelli, instructor Tammy Fumich and clients Shirley VanGilder and Diana Hackett attended and enj oyed the training. For more information on Kripalu and it's events please visit or call 413 448 3127 and request a catalog.