We take traditional yoga postures on the ground and adapt them to the air using fabric hammocks that are hung hip level.

The aerial hammock suspension system has a wonderful therapeutic value that can support 100% of your weight, ease pressure, create space in your joints, decrease compression in your spine and help you find more mobility.

Here's what our students have to say about the classes...

"I loved everything about it"

"I liked that the class pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realize I should and could let go sometimes"

"The class is very new for me. It's very beautiful. The teachers are very nice and the classroom is soft. My heart, my neck, my shoulder, my back and my whole body are all very comfortable after I finish the class. I love the class and I will keep practicing this kind of yoga"

"Aerial challenged my practice of yoga which allowed me to experience a new way of creating space and flexibility"

"A little challenging and a very nice stretch, It is FUN exercise"

"I loved everything about the class. It's fun & relaxing, yet energizing and invigorating. It helps relieve my body from sitting behind a desk all day. The only exercise I've ever done that I wished was longer than an hour session"

"Aerial Yoga adds a new dimension to your practice. I used different muscles and senses to do Aerial poses. After Aerial yoga I felt taller and lighter"


Aerial Workshops are offered on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons

4 classes for $75. Contact Mary Ann for more information and to reserve your place


Melanie Heckert- 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and 40 hour Aerial Trained at Yoga on York Baltimore Md. in July 2016.

Mary Ann Renzelli- ACE group ex certified, NASM personal trainer certified, 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher and 40 hour Aerial Trained at Yoga on York Baltimore Md. July 2016


Total body workout
Psychologically beneficial
Improves flexibility
Spine lengthens
Increases strength
Puts you in a great mood
Improves balance
Aids digestion
Improves memory
Healthy lymphatic systems


Glaucoma, heart conditions, pregnancy, epilepsy, brain injury, high blood pressure, vertigo, TIA, Neck or spinal injury-consult with your Dr if you have medical conditions before starting an aerial Yoga practice.

Read about Aerial Yoga Study Here

SBY delivers professional services with a well educated & certified staff so that you can LIVE LONG LIVE STRONG!!

Mary Ann

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