Rachel Dyer

Ashtanga Yoga is generally thought of as structured sets of postures practiced vinyasa-style. There are six sets of Ashtanga Yoga sequences: the Primary Series, which is also known as “yoga therapy” and heals the physical body; the Intermediate Series, the purpose of which is cleansing of the nervous system; and Advanced Series A – D, which develop strength and grace. This one-hour led/guided class is a modified Half-Primary Series: we begin with sun salutations followed by the standing postures, then move on to the Primary Series, backbending, and closing postures. This class is conducted in the traditional Sanskrit count. Various options of postures will be given, making this class appropriate for all levels.

Rachel Dyer is an attorney turned stay-at-home-mom and dedicated practitioner of traditional Ashtanga Yoga, living in Bridgeport, WV.

In August 2018, Rachel completed a month of practice at KPJAYI in Mysore, India, under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois. She has taken many other workshops and trainings over the years from world-renowned teachers, including having graduated in 2017 from the the Miami Life Center Ashtanga Intensive, led by Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor. Rachel is currently enrolled in the Ashtanga Yoga Columbus Mentorship 2021 Program, led by her teacher Taylor Hunt, with whom she gets to practice