Amanda Romano

Amanda is a registered with the Yoga Alliance as a 200 RYT, Yoga Fit Level 1, and Kidding Around Yoga.

Yoga has been such an important practice in Amanda's life. There has been research that has found Yoga to be beneficial in relieving stress, high blood pressure and many other health benefits. Her career aspirations began in nutrition and foods where she completed her B.S. degree from West Virginia University. Since then she is currently an Executive Diabetes Business Specialist.

She started practicing yoga in college and now has incorporated it into her everyday live. After she had her first child it inspired her to take this practice to a new level and become certified Yoga Fit instructor. She has had the opportunity to practice under several forms of Yoga which in turn has allowed her to create her own style.

As a working mother she is dedicated to her daughter Amelia, son Anthony and husband Robert ,as well as friends and extended family. Amanda encourages other to create a positive space within themselves so that they can let go of all the everyday stresses we encounter in our lives. Yoga is a place where you can create strength and balance in your life.

Amanda's advice for a healthy lifestyle is to remember that many blessings we are thankful for in our busy lives. By taking care of yourself you will no only have a happy and healthier lifestyle, but you will be able to share that energy with those that you love.