Donna Pizzino

I was born and raised here in Clarksburg where I now work full time running my court reporting firm. I am married with one daughter, one step-son, and a granddaughter.

I started practicing yoga off and on more than 20 years ago. After struggling with chronic back and neck pain, fatigue, stress, and menopause, my doctor suggested I give yoga another try. Since then, I have used it to successfully treat these issues. Now, I find ways to incorporate yoga into my life every single day. I know my body, and I know how my body feels on yoga. The difference is remarkable!

Yoga is so much more than being flexible and learning poses. Yoga is about discipline, posture, breathing, control, and concentration. It teaches us to be still, trust, and endure. We spend most of our time caring and doing things for others. Yoga is a way to bring our attention in and take some time to nurture and care for ourselves.

I enjoy attending seminars and retreats all across the country and incorporating what I learn into my own practice. I am currently in training for my 200 RYT and hope to share some of the many benefits of yoga with others.