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One Weight Workout - Kettlebell

This installment of the One Weight Workout series focuses on the kettlebell. Learn how to use a technique called EMOM—Every Minute on the Minute—to build strength, maximize your workout time and help push past plateaus.

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Exercise Swaps: Do This, Not That!

If you find that you’ve been doing the same exercises for a while and are stuck on the proverbial plateau, here are five exercise swaps you can use to enhance your workouts.

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Improve Mobility in the Hips and Shoulders

The hips and shoulders provide the most potential mobility in all three planes of movement and, as the connection point between the extremities and the torso, successful movement is only possible with sufficient mobility in these two joints. This article highlights two common problems—and solutions—for each joint.

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Assessing Functional Fitness in Mature Adults

Improving physical function should be one of your primary objectives when working with older clients. Because older adults vary widely in their physical abilities, conducting initial functional assessments is critical to effective program design. Here are three assessments you can use to determine the types of training to include in each older client’s program.

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