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6 Exercises to Target the Gluteus Medius

The gluteus maximus may get all the attention, but you shouldn’t overlook the gluteus medius. When this muscle is underactive and weak, hip, knee and lower-back function can be compromised. Here are six effective exercises to incorporate into your clients’ programs to help them activate and strengthen this powerful lower-body muscle.

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The Power of Protein

While you are likely aware of the importance of getting enough protein for overall health, did you know that athletes’ protein needs can differ quite dramatically from those of the general population? Five prominent sports nutrition experts share their performance-enhancing protein tips that an active person like YOU can use.

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Modifying HIIT Programming for all Clients

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a time-efficient way to improve fitness and manage weight. However, when creating high-intensity workouts for your clients, you need to take each individual’s fitness levels into account. Learn how to use a variety of modifications and training methods to make HIIT safe and effective for everyone.

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How to Create a Movement Training Matrix

Knowing how to create a movement-training matrix can help you design effective programs that will help your clients perform successful movement patterns in all three planes of motion. Learn how to alter exercises to initiate movement in all three planes, and how to use a matrix to program and coach multiplanar movement patterns.

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